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Jessica wrote: JESSICAS OF FUN
Hey I  am  Jessica at school I have been leaning about happy famlies  I am not talking about families you know 23-3=20 3-23 =20 2 get it now and my teacher was very  suprised with our work. Thankyou for reading my work bye (More)
Luke wrote: plants
You can only eat some bites of a plant. BUT some are bad for you. It can give you bad stuf but sun flowers are good for you. You can eat the black seeds. (More)
Hello i am going to tell you all about fairy tales. In 2lg we have been learning so much about  fairtales  golldie locks snuck into bears house. Rember that if your ever writing a story it always ends with happily ever after.2lg (More)
Kareem wrote: The three littie pigs
Once upon a time lived three little pigs. One day their mother said your too big for this house. So the first little pig built his house out of straw and the second little pig built his house out of sticks and finally the third little pig built his h (More)
Amara wrote: 2LG's Big Blog!
Hello,In literacy we have been writing our own fairy tales.We wrote the three little pigs.We did an assembly about a contiune off Goldielocks and the three bears.It was called Bewear off the bears.It was very fun.We only did it few days a go.We squas (More)
My best friends are Amara,May and  Jessica F. I love football. I love school.     I love my tedy. (More)
Sophia wrote: plants
IN   SCIENCE  IVE  BEEN  Learning  about  plants.We  have  labled  the  parts  of  a  plant, we  might  be  planting   a   plant? (More)
Imogen wrote: 2LG's class assembly!
On February the 21st we did are class assembly about the story which is called Beware of the bear's!    (More)
Freddie wrote: my favrioute things
my favrioute food is pizza hut. my favrioute animal is monkey. my favrioute sweet is (More)
Harrison wrote: my favriote things
my favriote food is pizza.my favriote animal is a mokey.my favriote book is horrid henry.my favriote sport is football.my favriote sweet is hard sweets.my favriote football card is 101 club rooney.  (More)